Please select one of the following:
I have a personal, professional, or business connection with a party to the accident
I own or lease an interest in property allegedly or actually damaged in the accident
I was allegedly or actually injured by the accident
I was a witness to the accident
I am the actual or alleged insurer of a party to the accident or of property actually or allegedly damaged by the accident
I am a prosecutor or publicly employed law enforcement officer
I am alleged to be liable to another party as a result of the accident
I am an attorney stating that I need the requested reports as part of a criminal case, or an investigation of a potential claim involving contentions that a roadway, railroad crossing, or intersection is unsafe
I am gathering information as a representative of a news media organization
I or the organization I represent qualify for disclosure of the crash report according to the option selected above and do swear or affirm that information contained in a crash report made confidential by statute will not be used for any other purpose including commercial solicitation of accident victims, or knowingly disclosed to any unauthorized third party for any purpose including solicitation.
NOTICE: Motor vehicle crash information is exempt from disclosure under the Georgia Open Records Act, except as provided in O.C.G.A. ยง 50-18-72 (a)(5). Obtaining Motor Vehicle accident reports from this site under false pretenses is a criminal offense.